Cara takes the time to truly understand the problem before jumping to solutions. She’s detail-oriented and brings her passion for UX and Inclusive Design to ensure we build the right solution. She acts as the voice of the user and is willing to work through iterations until we come to the best design for the user. Cara was a great addition to our team and made a lasting impact on our product.
—Jenna Poste, Vice President, Product Development at ICUC
Cara is extremely detail-oriented and takes great care in researching and planning any project she works on. While other designers jump to solutions, Cara focuses on precisely defining the problem and scope of the client’s needs and then mapping out all the potential solutions. 
—James McNab, Product designer, and front-end developer, UX Instructor at RED Academy
Cara uses her design experience and organizational skills to solve unique and complex problems gracefully and effectively.  She follows the UX process and trusts it’s importance to make well-informed decisions in order to achieve both user and project goals.
—Liz Kucharska, Web Designer, UX Design Instructor at RED Academy
Cara took the time to truly understand our brand and communication needs, and thoroughly researched the details before bringing forth very smart recommendations down to the finest details. I always appreciate Cara’s perspective on keeping things simple, intuitive and easy to comprehend. 
—Kim Cunningham, Vice-President, Marketing, 3 Brasseur | 3 Brewers Canada
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